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On the post I reblogged about Gabriel Garcia Marquez


I got a message from mi muchacho (Colombiano) with the following:

"I have a big problem with it
Colombia is seen as the place of cocaine drugs. Women and coffee.
And when it comes to a true visionary writer. Then its part of south America as a whole
Not as the colombian writer who wrote so many beautiful novels
Its like saying Vincente Fernandez dies and you put him with a picture of all north America
Instead of mexico
I mean of the few inspiring Colombians he was one so please dont take that away when so many want to claim him
Hes not all of south Americas hes Colombia’s
You see what im saying
Like colombia is never portrayed much anywhere. Other than the women coffee. And drugs
Like thats all the outside world sees so it makes me mad when they take away an i dol like that from us and make it everyone’s because he is most definitely colombian first then the rest can come. Just let it be known where he comes from. Let it know that we are more than just coffee women and drugs
Colombia is such an amazing country with amazing people and you really dont hear much about it other than the stereotypical and the touristy shit publicized by “adventurous white people as if we’re some third world country and they were exploring the unknown. Like no. Mega pause homie.
We have intellectuals. We have diplomats we have culture. We have amazing writers. And this man was one of them. And he was Colombian
Let it be known
Because Colombia is never portrayed correctly and never will be unless done by a colombian and none of these white fucking journalists who seem to claim a new discovery when the exploit a country to be the new tourist attraction of the season
Yeah I get a little passionate about this cause they find out im colombian and the next thing im hearing is white powder jokes.”